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West Lothian IJB Strategic Plan 2019-23

The IJB has published its Strategic Plan for 2019-23. The IJB's Strategic Plan is at the heart of integration.

The plan outlines the IJB's vision for health and social care services for the people of West Lothian, what the IJB's priorities are and how the IJB will build on a foundation of strong partnership working to deliver them.

It sets out how services will be delivered in a more integrated way to improve the quality of support for people who need them and deliver the national health and wellbeing outcomes. You can view the plan in the related documents section of this webpage. 

Commissioning Plans

Strategic Commissioning Plans for Mental Health, Older People, Physical Disability and Learning Disability were agreed by the IJB at its meeting of 21 January 2020. These set out how services will be commissioned to meet the needs of people included in these care groups in line with the priorities set out in the Strategic Plan. These are also published in the related documents section of this webpage alongside the Market Facilitation Plan and the Locality Plans.

Locality Planning

To make sure that services are matched with local need, separate community-based plans for the East and West of West Lothian have been produced. The East and West Locality Plans are closely aligned to the Strategic Plan and set out the key health and social care priorities for each area. The Plans set out the IJB's intention to work more closely with the Community Planning Partnership and other partners to better identify and meet the needs of West Lothian's communities.

Integrating Health and Social Care in West Lothian - Equality Reporting

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