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Direct Payments

Direct Payments can be made to the person who has been assessed as eligible for a service to give them greater choice and control over the care and support they receive.

You may be able to get a Direct Payment if:

  • you are a disabled person aged 18 or over and you are eligible for community care services
  • you are aged 65 or over and are eligible for community care services due to age or infirmity
  • you are a 16 or 17 year old or a disabled parent and you are eligible for children's services

You may be able to manage a Direct Payment on behalf of another person if:

  • you are a parent or person with parental responsibility for a disabled child and the disabled child is eligible for children's services
  • you are an attorney or guardian with the relevant powers to receive Direct Payments on behalf of a disabled adult who is unable to give consent to arranging their own services

If you think you are eligible for a Direct Payment you must first apply by contacting:

  • Adult Social Care Enquiry Team - 01506 284848

A member of the team will carry out an assessment of your needs and if you are eligible for a service they will work with you to develop a plan of how you will meet your care needs (this is called a Care and Support Plan).

Your Direct Payment will be based on the amount of support that you need as shown in your Care and Support Plan. We will give you information to help you to decide how best to meet your needs.

For example, you may wish to pay a care agency or to employ personal assistants yourself (or a mixture of both). You will be given enough money to pay for the services that you have been assessed as requiring and are eligible for. You can only use your Direct Payment money to buy care and support to meet your assessed needs as set out in your Care and Support Plan - you are not allowed to use it for anything else.

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