Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) brings together new and innovative ways using the latest technology to help the assessment or monitor an individual, it will help people take control of their own health conditions while remaining independent and living at home. This technology does not replace a care package but can work in tandem with it.

West Lothian Council are trialling a number of TEC solutions such as:

Activity monitoring

This technology places sensors around the home which build up a clear summary of an individual's daily living activities without intrusion or depriving them of privacy.  It provides valuable evidence, transparency, peace of mind and efficiencies to person-centred care planning and wellbeing monitoring.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

This can give details of the wearer's location to another mobile/tablet or call centre.  These devices may be considered for an individual when it is identified that they would be at risk of getting lost if they left their home unobserved or unaccompanied.  The devices have a part to play in promoting individual health and wellbeing, rather than confining a person to a limited area. 


Is a simple to use 'text messaging' service designed by the NHS to support self-management and compliance using affordable technology.  'Flo' is used to enable patients to take responsibility for monitoring and managing their health conditions, lifestyle or treatment from the comfort of their own home.

If you would like more information or to apply for Home Safety Service TEC, please complete the online form below


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