Parents as Early Education Partners (PEEP)

PEEP is an early learning intervention which aims to improve the life chances of children by offering essential information and key ideas about supporting children's learning in the first five years from birth to school.

What is PEEP?

Recognising that children learn most at home in the early years, the focus is on very early communication skills - the foundations of later literacy - and children's social and emotional development.  The programme is about making the most of everyday life with babies and young children, and having fun.  It builds on what parents already do, recognising babies' and young children's extraordinary capacity to learn.  The programme supports parents' confidence, children's self-esteem and educational attainment and life-long learning.

Who would benefit from PEEP?

All children can benefit from the PEEP programme and parents who want to extend their knowledge and skills in interacting with their children can have the opportunity to do so in a relaxed but professionally supported environment.

Where are the groups run?

Programmes are run in many education nurseries, early years centres and some Sure Start groups.

What format does the programme take?

Groups are run within nurseries, generally once a week.  Supporting materials include extensive written materials in folder format accompanied by video material.

How can I access a PEEP group?

Please contact Gillian Olford for further details: email                

Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge.

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