Triple P Parenting Programmes

Triple P positive parenting programmes are delivered in 25 countries worldwide and is number one on the United Nations' ranking of parenting programmes based on the extent of its evidence base.

Triple PIn West Lothian we offer  3 Triple P programmes; Triple P Level 4,   Teen Triple P   and  Triple P Stepping Stones

Triple P (level 4)

Triple P (Level 4) run with groups of up to 12 parents/carers attend five 2 hour sessions and are supported with three phone catch-up sessions at home. The programme uses DVDs and workbook to engage parents and reinforce strategies. Typically targets parents of children with more severe behavioural problems (e.g. aggressive behaviour, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, learning difficulties, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)).

The programme is suitable for parents and carers of children aged 3 - 12 years that are motivated to make change and can cope with high level of content and high pace of delivery. Learning is consolidated by completion of weekly homework tasks.

Psychology of Parenting Project - The PoPP Triple P Storyboard for Parents from NES on Vimeo.

Teen Triple P

Group Teen Triple P  is a broad-based parenting intervention delivered over eight weeks for parents of teenagers up to 16-years-old who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills. Parents may be interested in promoting their teenager's development and potential or they may have concerns about their teenager's behaviour that they want to change.  The programme involves five (2-hour) group sessions of up to 12 parents.  Parents actively participate in a range of exercises to learn about the influences on adolescent behaviour, setting specific goals, and using strategies to promote a teenager's skills development, manage inappropriate behaviour, and teach emotional self-regulation. Parents also learn how to plan around risk-taking behaviour and risky situations. Then there are three (15 to 30 minute) individual (telephone) consultations to assist parents with independent problem solving while they are practicing the skills at home.

Parents or caregivers that benefit from Group Teen Triple P are those who have concerns about their teenager's mild to moderate level of behavioural problems or simply wish to prevent behavioural problems from developing. Parents who have completed lower level interventions and have not achieved the goals they want, may benefit from a Group Teen Triple P intervention. Parents need to be able to commit to all eight sessions. We deliver Group Teen Triple P in partnership with Whole Family Support and the Child Disability Service and referrals can be made all year round.

Stepping Stones Triple P

Stepping Stones Triple P has been developed for parents of children with a developmental disability. Stepping Stones Triple P has been evaluated with families of children with a range of disabilities (e.g. intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and elevated levels of disruptive behaviour). The program involves six (2 ½ hour) group sessions that educate and actively train skills, and three (15 to 30 minute) individual telephone consultations to assist parents to refine the use of their parenting skills and to develop independent problem solving skills. A full behavioural and family assessment is completed before and after the group sessions.

Parents or caregivers of children with a disability (up to 12 years of age) who benefit from this program are those that require or are interested in learning a broad-based range of parenting skills to promote child development and to manage mild to moderate level challenging behaviours. The programme is appropriate to assist parents to prevent the development of problem behaviour or to change problem behaviour if it is occurring. Parents need to be able to commit to six group sessions and three telephone consultations.

We deliver this programme in partnership with the Children and Families Area Practice Team and the Child Disability Service and we accept referrals throughout the year for this programme and this service can have a waiting list.

How to access the programme

For all the above programmes we accept referrals/requests and they run throughout the year.   Groups are available both during the day and evenings and run in local community venues and there is no charge for these courses.

To access a group please contact Children & Young People Team Email  or Telephone 01506 284440 Option 4.  

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