West Lothian Integration Joint Boards agrees to retain the three care homes

West Lothian Integration Joint Board has agreed to retain the three long term placement care homes operated by West Lothian Council, Limecroft, Whitdale and Burngrange, for the duration of its Medium-Term Financial Plan.

28 June
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The IJB is responsible for commissioning adult health and social care services and overseeing the delivery of these services in West Lothian.  The Board faces a significant budget gap of £17.3 million over the next three years due to the demands of an increasing elderly population, rising costs and restricted levels of funding. 

Yesterday (Tuesday 27 June) the Board approved saving measures of £13.1 million against this gap in March 2023 which included a review of the community hospital and care home provision in West Lothian.

During the review officers engaged with people who use these services, their families, staff and the public to seek views.  These views were reflected in the report considered by the Board this afternoon.

The Board considered the analysis of trends in demand and need for care, the views of those who participated in the consultation and an offer of additional one-off funding from West Lothian Council to enable the three long term placement care homes to be retained. 

The IJB agreed to match the funding allocated by the Council for the duration of the IJB's current financial plan to allow Care Homes to remain operational.  However, the Board did agree to progress the closure of Craigmair Interim Care Home, whilst taking steps to ensure current residents move appropriately to the destination of their choice.

The IJB decided that decisions relating to community hospital provision would be deferred to a future meeting of the Board.

West Lothian IJB Chief Officer Alison White said: "The IJB has listened to the views people who use our services, their families and our staff and will work with NHS Lothian and West Lothian Council to ensure the delivery of high-quality community hospital and care home provision for people in West Lothian."