Guidance information and online training for staff

Below is a range of resources for staff working with clients and service users in both residential and non residential settings. These are basic guidelines for working safely with and around your clients. Please take time to read and watch the videos.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This short video demonstrates the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and aligns with the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual. It demonstrates the application/ removal/disposal of PPE

Preventing Infection in Care 

These resources are part of the foundation layer of the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway. 

You can also access the above PDF's in video format through TURAS the NHS learning portal under 'Infection prevention and control refresher for clinical and non clinical staff'  (If you do not already have a TURAS account then  follow the  link at bottom of the page to register. TURAS is available all to all HSCP staff.)


Manual Handling training videos-

Below are a series of videos that demonstrate the basic principles in safe moving and handling of patients and residents.

Administering Medication

If required there is an online e-learning module on the safe administration of medication can be accessed from SSSC Learn Zone.

Please note: Only staff who are fully trained and qualified in the safe administration of medication will be able to carry out any medication duties. This e-learning module does not qualify someone to administer medication but is a good introduction and refresher course.   

Escalating issues or concerns

Safe, compassionate care is everyone's business. Raising and responding to concerns is something that we should all be comfortable to do. But we know that being able to speak out is not always as easy as it sounds. Below is a range of resources to help you understand the importance of raising concerns and how to do this wherever you work - in the NHS or independent sector - and whether you raise a concern as an individual or as part of a group.

SSSC guidance and resources for adult support and protection

For further guidance on adult support and protection we strongly recommend you download the Adult Support and Protection app from SSSC. The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms. 

Adult support and protection mobile app download links

SSSC Adult Support and Protection mobile application - Android (opens new window)

SSSC Adult Support and Protection mobile application - Apple (opens new window)

Further training and useful information

SSSC learning Zone.

This site has lots of online and e-learning resources and information suitable for all staff working in a variety of care environments, particularly those registered with care commission.

NHS learning platform TURAS

TURAS is the NHS training and education platform. It contains various online and e-learning opportunities. It is open to all Health and Social Care Staff. You will need to create an account to access the following online training on TURAS (follow link below)

  • NHS Lothian Virtual Induction - NHS lothian have a dedicated on line induction webpage for staff joining the NHS. It covers the basics you should know in health and safety, patient care and infection control.
  • Support worker page- Dedicated support worker page, for those working in any health and social care settings. Has information and guidance on working safely, communication and working with others.

Re-deployed NHS staff- Resources page for re-deployed and re-registering nurses, AHPs also information for support workers and carers