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West Lothian's Criminal Justice Teams and their Services

The number of services run by the Criminal Justice Social Work Service has increased dramatically in the past twenty years. We note here the structure of our service, to help you understand the different teams and the services that each one provides.

Senior Manager (Young People, and Public Protection)

Tim Ward

  • Senior management responsibility for some elements of children's services, and for Criminal and Youth Justice Services. Strategic responsibility for all Public Protection outcomes and objectives.

Group Manager (Criminal and Youth Justice Services) 

Gillian Oghene

  • The Group Manager has overall responsibility for the delivery of our services on a day-to-day basis. She also co-operates with other CJ managers across Scotland on the planning, implementation and delivery of new national services through membership of the Social Work Scotland Justice Standing Committee.

Assessment and Early Intervention Team

Manager - Linda Probka

The Team is responsible for:

Community Payback Team

Managers - Richard Amos and Stuart Bell (Supervision) and Kevin Russell (Unpaid Work)

Supervision of all people aged 21 and over who are sentenced to:

  • Community Payback Orders
  • Probation Orders, either as a sentence in its own right or with additional conditions.
  • Community Service Orders (including Unpaid Work as a condition of a Probation Order).
  • .
  • Running of offence-focused groupwork programmes.

Criminal Justice Throughcare Team

Acting Manager - Zoe Stewart

The Team is responsible for:

Drug Treatment and Testing Order Team

Manager - Linda Probka

The Team is responsible for:

Youth Justice Team

Managers - Kevin Carter and Norma Paterson

The Youth Justice Team works with young people who:

  • are aged under 21 years;
  • are assessed as being at medium to high risk of re-offending; and
  • are subject to Children's Hearing Supervision Requirements or Community Payback Orders.

The Youth Justice team supports:

  • voluntary engagement and work with young people at risk of harm to themselves or others.
  • West Lothian's approach to Early and Effective Intervention (EEI).

HMP Addiewell Prison-based Social Work Team

Manager - Mary Graham (based at Addiewell Prison)

The Prison-based Social Work Team's main responsibilities are:

  • Involvement in Integrated Case Management (ICM) system
  • Risk-assessment of long-term prisoners
  • Liaison with community-based Social Workers

High Risk Offenders

Lead Officer - Viv Murphy

Responsible for:

  • administration of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), for sexual offenders.
  • involvement in the management of high-risk behaviour through participation in:
    • Multi-Agency Partnership for Violent Offenders (MAPVO),
    • Multi-Agency Tasking and Co-ordination (MATAC), for perpetrators of domestic abuse.
    • Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences  (MARAC), which address the needs of victims of domestic abuse

Administration Team

Manager - Harry Cameron

Responsible for:

  • Provision of direct administrative support to each of the teams noted above

Service Development

Fiona McKenzie

Responsible for:

  • Planning and implementation of services, performance review and publicity.
  • Developing strategy for rolling out of Community Justice arrangements in West Lothian.

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