Who needs to pay?

Depending on your financial circumstance, your contribution will be based on your income and on any savings, investments and property you own.  If you have savings, investments and property of more than £29,750, you will be self-funding and responsible for the full cost of your care home fees, less any entitlement to Free Personal Care or Free Personal Care and Nursing Home payments.

Self-Funding your Care Home

If the Local Authority assesses you as needing to live in a care home, and you live in Scotland, you are entitled to receive a weekly payment from the Scottish Government towards your care fees. This is called Free Personal Care or Free Personal Care and Nursing Home payment. 

Choosing a care home: Self-Funding residents

Self-Funding individuals can choose any care home they want to go to. However, you should be aware of the following:

  • You should check the cost of the care home before accepting a place to ensure that you can afford to move there. Rates can vary between homes.
  • You will need to work out how long you will be able to afford to stay in the home. Some homes need you to prove that you have enough money to cover the care fees for three to five years.

Self-funding Free Personal and Nursing Care Payments

Subject to a Social Work assessment, you may be entitled to Free Personal care and Nursing Care payments, which will be paid from the date your assessment is completed.

The amount you receive is as follows:

Your Care Home TypeAmount Received


The Health and Social care Partnership will pay this to the care home and not directly to you. This amount will be deducted from the final cost of your weekly placement.

If your needs change while you are in the Care Home, you can ask for a reassessment of your needs at the earliest opportunity by emailing Financial Advice Team (opens new window)

Local Authority funding

If your savings and investments are less than £29,750, we will assess your financial circumstance to determine your contribution towards the cost of your care.

In order to calculate your contribution, we will ask you to fill in a financial assessment form. You can ask someone else to fill in the form, but you, your Attorney or your Financial Guardian will need to sign it to confirm the information is accurate.

Your contribution will be based on the following:

  • Your income.
  • Any property you own.
  • Any savings and investments you have.
  • How much capital you have.
  • The care home you choose.

West Lothian Advice Shop usually completes the financial assessment and, in some cases, the Social Worker. You will need to provide copies of:

  • Bank and building society statements.
  • Evidence of any income, capital or investments.
  • The terms and conditions of any trusts.
  • Documents about any Power of Attorney or Financial Guardian.

We will review your charges every year to include any increases in costs or any changes to your income or savings. If you decide not to complete the financial assessment, you will be charged the full cost of your care less any Free Personal and/or Nursing Care payments.

Choosing a care home: Local Authority Funded residents

People who are Local Authority Funded can choose a care home from a list of the providers who accept our standard rates. The majority of care homes in West Lothian accept the standard rates, although some private homes only accept self-funding residents. You can also choose to look at care homes outside of West Lothian if you wish.

You can choose a more expensive care home, but you will need someone other than yourself who is willing to pay the extra costs (also known as a top-up). The person willing to pay the extra costs will need to sign a written agreement confirming this and be willing to do this for the duration of your stay at the home.

Once you have chosen your home, the Local Authority will pay the care home the standard rate, including your Free Personal and/or Nursing Care payment. You will pay the home directly for any contribution you are assessed as being required to make.

The thresholds for Self-funding and Local Authority assistance, which change yearly:

Your SavingsDo you own a property?Funding Type
Below £18,500No

You will be Local Authority Funded and will contribute all your weekly income except your personal allowance of £31.00 a week.

Between £18,500 and £29,750


You will be Local Authority Funded and will contribute all your weekly income except your personal allowance of £31.00 a week.

You will also pay £1 a week extra for every £250 or part of £250 you have between £18,500 and £29,750. The amount you pay will reduce as your savings reduce.

When your savings reach £18,500 you will no longer pay a weekly charge from your savings but you will still pay a contribution from your income.

Over £29,750


You will be Self-Fundingif you have capital, including property, which in total are above the upper threshold.

You will receive your Free Personal and/or Nursing Care payment towards the cost of your care. You will be responsible for any remaining fees due to the care home.


Informing the Department for Work and Pensions

Regardless of your funding status, when you move into a care home, you or your financial representative must advise the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) of the date of admission. The DWP will assess whether you are still entitled to the benefits that you are currently receiving and whether you are entitled to receive any additional benefits.

The DWP can be contacted on 0345 606 0265.