16 Days of Activism Calendar of Events

Thank you to everyone who took part and supported the 2023 16 Days of Activism Events. The campaign was a big success with lots of community events and training opportunities happening across West Lothian. We have already started planning our 2024 campaign so keep an eye out on our website for information coming soon!




Pre Campaign

(23rd November)

 Event Calendar for 2024 will be coming soon. Please keep a check on the website for more information


Pre Campaign

(24th November)




Day 1 

(25th November)


Day 2 

(26th November)


Day 3 

(27th November)


Day 4 

(28th November)



Day 5 

(29th November)


Day 6 

(30th November)



Day 7 

1st December)


Day 8 

(2nd December)


Day 9 

(3rd December)


Day 10

(4th December)


Day 11

(5th December)



Day 12

(6th December)




Day 13

(7th December)



Day 14

(8th December)


Day 15

(9th December)


Day 16

(10th December)