Children and Families Social Work

Some children, young people and their families need help and support from us. This section gives details of the help available and also tells you how to go about getting that help.

Our services for children and families include foster care, adoption services, residential care, youth justice and family support, as well as specialist services for children with a disability.

West Lothian Council provides a wide range of services that offer support, advice and assistance to children and their families experiencing and affected by disability. Support and advice is available to children and young people as well as their parents, carers and families. These services cover all ages from pre-birth to young adults and all circumstances, including:

  • behaviour or relationship challenges
  • drug, alcohol or substance misuse
  • parenting problems from toddlers to teenagers
  • issues at school
  • offending or anti-social behaviour
  • child protection concerns

If you feel you need support or advice on any matter relating to children or young people, you should initially contact your local Social Work Centre, as shown on this page.



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