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About Sure Start

Our Aims - What we do for families - How we deliver our services

Our Aims

To give young people from pre-birth to three years the best possible start in life, by working closely with parents, grandparents and carers. We also work with other agencies.

We will do this by providing a service which will:

  • Improve children's social and emotional development, their health and their ability to learn
  • Strengthen families and communities by building on parents' existing skills, experience and knowledge.

What we do for families

We run groups which provide:

  • Opportunities for children's development through play
  • Support families to help them understand and meet the needs of their child
  • Opportunities to meet with other parents
  • Assistance for parents to access local services

We offer parenting programmes in:

  • Behaviour management
  • Understanding your child's needs
  • Opportunities for learning and support from other parents

We provide:

  • Individual support to those families who need additional support
  • Group sessions for those who may require a different form of support
  • Creche support to some groups

How we deliver our services

We Will:

  • Respond to referrals within 10 working days
  • Provide a high quality service as judged by our customers
  • Provide the information you need in ways which are easy to understand and meet your needs and preferences
  • ensure our staff behave professionally in all aspects of their dealings with you
  • Work with you to achieve the best outcome for children
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