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Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention

Mental Health is like our physical health, we all have it and we all need to work to ensure we are happy with it. We must work together to find ways to better self-manage our mental health and wellbeing and be able to pick up ourselves, friends and family when we are feeling down.

Some people may require additional help and support to manage their mental health and wellbeing. WESTSPACE is the West Lothian service directory for all things mental health. Check out WESTSPACE in the links below and have a look to see what is available in your local area. This may be for yourself or others. We have a vibrant and outgoing third sector in West Lothian that is there to support those who are not eligible, don't need to or don't want to access statutory mental health services.

For some individuals life can be too much at times. Help and support is available right now if you need it. You do not have to struggle with difficult feelings alone. If you feel suicidal or have suicidal thoughts get in touch with the services listed in the links or have a look at the directory of services on WESTSPACE.

West Lothian Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2020-2023


Please have a read of the West Lothian Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2020-2023 in the downloads below and see how you can support your local community to prevent suicide. The West Lothian Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Group will continue to develop the plan and work with community planning partners to shape a change in culture that will not only support those most in need but change the way we approach suicide and poor mental health. Be kind to one another and let's fight this together.

For more information on the national United to Prevent Suicide campaign, see the links below.




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