The Promise - Resource Page

The Promise outlines a number of things we need to keep in our heads and act upon if we are to #Keep the Promise. This page will keep growing and is intended to help you find key bits of stuff you might need.

If you notice there is something missing that is important - and you think others should know please email with your suggestions

The Promise and the Pinky Promise

There is a national Promise Team who have a webpage and you can access all the information for Scotland (opens new window)

For easy access we have included some info graphics of the Five Foundations, The Promise, and The Pinky Promise.  You will be able to get more information on the webpage and be able to contact the national team if you would like to

Children's Rights

On 16th March 2021, everyone agreed to children's rights becoming part of the law in Scotland.  This is called United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill (PDF) [4MB] (opens new window) .  The Bill is now to get 'Royal Assent' which is part of making the law. It is expected this will become real six months after this next stage so will be around October 2021. The Bill aims to ensure that:

  • children's rights are respected and protected in the law in Scotland
  • public authorities are legally required to respect and protect children's rights in all the work that they do

The Bill aims to do this by incorporating the UNCRC into the law in Scotland. This would mean children's rights are legally protected. Children, young people and their representatives could use the courts in Scotland to enforce their rights. The Bill seeks to make sure children's rights are part of everyday life in Scotland.

Further updates will be included on this page.

Participation with Infants, Children and Young People

There is a Children and Young People's Commissioner in Scotland. For more information you can visit The Children and Young People's Commissioner website (opens new window)  .  The team created some Golden Rules for Participation which were developed with children and young people - and these are here to see and use (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) .

Getting it right for every child

Scotland has an approach that says we want children to have the best possible start in life - and it is for everyone to work as a team to make this happen.

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) encourages all the adults in the life of a child or young person to look out for their wellbeing and offer help if they or their family want or need it.

Each child is unique and there is no set level of wellbeing that children should achieve. Each child should be helped to reach their full potential as an individual. When a child, young person or their family asks for help with a wellbeing concern, the people who support them should listen to their views and consider:

  • what is getting in the way of this person's wellbeing?
  • do I have all the information I need to help? 
  • what can I do now?  
  • what can my organisation do to help?
  • what additional help, if any, may be needed from others?

People working with children and families must recognise that each child and young person is an individual, and that their wellbeing is influenced by everything around them, their experiences and any needs they have at different times in their lives.