Working for us - Frequently Asked Questions

A range of questions and answers relating to working in health and social care in West Lothian

Q. Can you tell me what the shift patterns are for a 25/35 hour per week contract?

A. We can e-mail details of the shift patterns, email us.


Q. Do I get paid an allowance for working evenings and weekends?

A. Yes, the current shift allowance is 14% for evenings and weekends and 17.5% for waking night shift.


Q. Do I need to be able to drive?

A. Yes you do, for support at home roles as you will be travelling throughout West Lothian. You do not need to be able to drive to work in our Care Homes.


Q. Where would I be working in West Lothian?  

A. We work across the whole of West Lothian in support at home, so there is no particular geographic area that you would be working in, it would depend on the demand for service. Our four care homes are located in Livingston, Whitburn and West Calder. If you are applying for a job in one of the care homes you will be based in one of these.


Q. Do I need to have  SVQ Level II?

A. No, we offer training on the job.


Q. What are the shift times?

A. They vary depending on the number of hours you are contracted for. 


Q. Do I need to work on Public Holidays?

A. Yes. If it is a working day for you then you would be expected to work.


Q. Will I get an induction?

A. Yes the induction programme would be sent to successful candidates ahead of start date.

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