Paying for a Care Home - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often will I pay my care home fees?

The Local Authority will pay our portion of your care home fees to the care home every 4 weeks. The care home will invoice you for your assessed contribution and you should pay this directly to the home.  


Q. Will I still have to pay my care home fees for periods when I am not in the home?

Yes, you will continue to be charged for any periods you are not been living in the care home. This includes any stays in a hospital.

Your Free Personal and/or Nursing Care contributions will stop after 14 days and you will be expected to pay the full costs. Payments will start again when you return to the care home.


Q. What if I am unable to make decisions about my care needs?

Some people who enter care homes may not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. There are various legal measures that you, or others, can put in place to support you to make important decisions and to manage your finances. Please request further information.


Q. When will I find out how much I need to pay?

The financial assessment process usually takes a few weeks and it may be that you have already moved into a care home before you are notified of the final calculation.


Q. What will happen to my pension when I move into a care home?

Your pension will continue to be paid to you going forward, and will not go straight to the care home or the council.


Q. Will my family have to pay the care home fees?

Your family's finances are not considered when working out how much you need to pay towards your care home fees.


Q. Will I have any money left once I have paid the care home fees?

When WLC calculates the amount you need to pay towards your fees, they will leave you with an amount each week for your own expenses.


Q.What happens to State benefits?

Mobility component will continue to be paid, as this part is not affected by living in a care home. However, other allowances such as, Attendance Allowance, Carer's Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments (care component) will cease after 4 weeks after admission.

It is your responsibility to notify the DWP about your change in circumstances.


Q.What happens if I don't keep up with the Care Home fees?

Care Homes run by private companies will refer to West Lothian Council should Care Home fees not be paid and arrears start to accumulate. This may result in a debt recovery process being initiated and if the residency is placed at risk, Adult Support and Protection Procedures may be required.


Q.If you disagree with us?

You have the right to ask for meetings with us at any stage in this process and we will make every attempt to resolve your complaint.

If your complaint remains unresolved, you can make a formal complaint through our complaints procedure (opens new window).