Carers Survey 2022

Carers Survey 2022 Supporting people who care for others

About the survey

For a period of twelve weeks spanning January to March 2022 we carried out a West Lothian wide survey to find out about the unpaid care being provided in our communities. The survey was aimed at those who provided any kind of unpaid support or care to partners, parents, family members, relations, friends or neighbours. The survey was advertised through posters and flyers, online via council websites and social media, through schools and via partner communication networks. The survey was available digitally and also in paper format. There was also support available for anyone requiring help to complete the survey.

The survey was broken up into three parts.

  • Part 1 - asked about who are the people being cared for
  • Part 2 - asked about our carers and who they were
  • Part 3 - asked about support that is available to carers, what knowledge carers had of theses services and, what support carers felt they needed or would find most useful.

We had a total of 592 people respond to the survey.

Carers Survey Report Video