Inclusion and Support Service

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What is the Inclusion and Support Service?

The new Inclusion and Support Service brings together existing teams from Education and Social Policy to support children, young people and families with additional support needs. The service includes the Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, who provide educational support from their Early Intervention and Secondary Teams for children and young people aged 0-18.  The Inclusion and Support Service also includes social policy teams from the Children and Young People's Team, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Parenting Groupwork and Attendance Improvement Management Service. All the teams within the Inclusion and Support Service work is underpinned by the Getting It Right for Every Child approach as we work together to improve outcomes for the children and young people of West Lothian and their families.  

What is the Wellbeing Recovery Group?

The Wellbeing Recovery Group is a multi-agency group of professionals that meet regularly to match the most appropriate services to children and young people who are referred to the Inclusion and Support Service for additional support.

The group meets to discuss referrals to the service and matches the most appropriate support to those who have been referred.

The Inclusion and Support Service is one of many services that are part of this holistic approach to meeting the needs of our children and families in West Lothian.

The Covid-19 lockdown has had a significant impact on many children and young people and although schools have enhanced the support available to them, some young people may need support that's not available directly through school.  This group will review the referrals and develop the most suitable package of support to meet the needs of the child or young person.

Who can refer to the Wellbeing Recovery Group?

The group accepts referrals from all sources, including young people, parents, carers, schools, social policy and health professionals.

How do I refer to the Wellbeing Recovery Group?

Referrals are accepted through our online form. This is the easiest and quickest way to refer. 

ISS Referral Form

If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the Children and Young People team on 01506 284440 (Option 4) to request a paper copy of the form, or you can make your referral over the phone. Submitting a paper referral via post may delay your application due to the additional time it will take to reach us. Please ensure your application has all sections completed to avoid unnecessary delay. We will progress your referral as soon as the form arrives.

What if I need urgent financial support?

If you can not wait for the next meeting of the Wellbeing Recovery Group and require financial support, contact the Advice Shop by phoning 01506 283000 (option 3) to speak to a helpful and friendly member of the team or complete an Online Advice Shop Referral

Who attends the Wellbeing Recovery Group?

West Lothian Council Staff

  • Social Policy (Children and Young People's Team, Social Work, and Domestic and Sexual Assault Team)
  • Education Services (Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, Educational Psychology Service, Child Protection)
  • Financial Inclusion Service

NHS Staff

  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services 
  • School Nursing Service

Third Sector Organisations commissioned by West Lothian Council

  • Children 1st
  • Circle
  • West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service 
  • Youth Action Project
  • Wellbeing Scotland
  • Young Carers
  • Action for Children

What are your rights? 

My child/I have been referred to Wellbeing Recovery Group, what happens to my information?

The person making a referral to the group should have discussed with each child, young person and their parent  the content of the referral form. You can see a copy of this referral form at any time if you want to. Once the referral is completed, it will be passed to the Children and Young Peoples team within the Social Policy Department of the Council, where it will be securely stored. The referral will be discussed by those attending the Wellbeing Recovery Group. When it is decided which service is most appropriate, the referral form will be passed to the agency supporting you. They will use the form to contact you and to decide how best to support you. They will then store the referral form securely.

What if I do not want myself or my child to be referred to the Wellbeing Recovery Group?

The person making the referral has to ask you whether you are in agreement with this referral and indicate your view on the form. In most situations, if you do not want the referral to go ahead, it will not. However, in some circumstances, if it is assessed that you/your child may suffer significant harm if support is not provided, the referral will go ahead. Once an agency is identified, you/your child can discuss your concerns with the agency identified. We hope that you will engage with the support offered, but this is voluntary.  If you have further questions you should discuss these with the person making the referral.  If you would like to discuss the referral further, please contact the Children and Young Persons Team on 01506 284440 (Option 4), or email More information on the team is available on the Children and Young People Team webpage.