Housing with Care

West Lothian Council, in partnership with four Housing Associations, has developed a new style of housing for older people called Housing With Care.

This is designed to enable an individual or couple to live as independently as possible in their own tenancy by combining the services of housing and social work professionals in a planned and streamlined way.

More about the service

A trained team of Housing Support staff provides practical advice, support and assistance. The team is on duty 7.30am to 10.00pm - thereafter there is a sleepover member of staff who would respond to emergencies and short term acute illnesses only.

The staff team are there to help with general housing support, provide professional care and domestic care services - e.g. assistance with washing/dressing, housework and shopping. Tenants are encouraged to remain active and independent with staff supporting tenants to do so.

Tenants have access to a meal service in restaurant/cafe facilities in the community hub area. Tenants are always encouraged to manage their own finances with the Housing Support staff offering support only when the tenant and/or family/carer experience any difficulties.

Tenants should have a bank account set up which means that paying rent and other bills is a whole lot easier to manage.


Another important feature of Housing with Care is the use of Smart Technology within the flat/cottage. Each tenancy has a lifeline unit designed to keep tenants safe and secure.

Some tenants may have more complex needs and the basic technology package can be tailored to offer the widest range of options. The inclusion of Smart Technology means the Housing Support staff can respond quickly in a crisis or emergency situation.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants should be aged 60 or over:

  • who have care and support needs
  • who are able to sustain a tenancy with the associated rights and responsibilities through agreed support networks

Applicants between the ages of 55 and 60 years whose needs can be appropriately met within a Housing with Care development for older people can also apply.

How to Apply

Key features include

Ground or first floor flat/cottage with living room, kitchen and shower/bathroom. Flats/cottages are suitable for single people or couples.

  • Gas/electric central heating and double glazing
  • Lift (where applicable)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Specially designed bathroom for assisted bathing/showering
  • Comfortable restaurant/cafe

Paying for Housing and Care Needs

The tenant is responsible for paying rent and service charge and in return receives a range of housing and social work services. The charge made takes into account not only the renting of a one-bedroom flat/cottage but also the following;

  • Heating of flats/cottages *
  • TV Licence (free to those over 75)
  • Meal service
  • Use of laundry facilities
  • Heating and lighting of communal areas
  • Smart Technology support service

(* see 'Individual Developments' below)

When considering the cost involved and before making any decision about a Housing With Care tenancy, advice about personal financial circumstances and entitlement to the range of welfare benefits including Housing Benefit can be obtained from the Advice Shop.

West Lothian Council operate the following housing with care complexes:

Norvell Lodge, Bathgate  -  consists of 28 one-bedroom accommodations. The development has two twin guest rooms, hairdressing room, assisted bathroom and a large, communal lounge and kitchen used for tenant social and community based events.

Rosemount Court, Bathgate  -  consists of 17 one-bedroom flats , lift large communal dining and lounge areas for tenant and social events.

Jane Place, Bathgate  -  consists of 11 one-bedroom and 2 bedsit accommodations. The development has one twin guest room and assisted shower room (also available to Rosemount Court guests), upstairs lounge and kitchen area for social events, meetings etc.

Cunnigar House, Mid Calder  -  consists of 4 one bedroom sheltered housing accommodations within this Housing With Care development. One guest flat available, assisted bathroom, tenant's kitchen and communal area. If required, sheltered housing tenants can buy into an available meal service.

Brucefield House, Whitburn  -  consists of 22 one bedroom accommodations, assisted bathroom, tenant's kitchen and communal area. If required, tenants can buy into an available meal service.

Almondvale Gardens, Blackburn - consists of 23 one bedroom accommodations, lounge, guest facilities, assisted bathroom, and garden If required,  tenants can buy into an available meal service.

Colinshiel Court, Armadale - consists of 22 one bedroom flats and 8 cottages, assisted bathroom, tenant's dining room serving lunch and evening meals. The complex has a community resource centre and features a cafe, hairdressers and multi -purpose room.

Dickson Court, West Calder - consists of 30 one bedroom accommodation (flats an bungalows). Accommodation has assisted bathroom, lift, lounge, dining room, restaurant, guest facilities, laundry, garden and conservatory and hairdresser.