Community Occupational Therapy

West Lothian Council's Community Occupational Therapy (OT) Service promotes independence for children, adults and older people living at home who have physical, mental or learning disabilities.

The service promotes independence by giving advice on how to carry out tasks differently by suggesting equipment to assist with self care tasks, recommending alterations to property to make the environment more accessible and signposting to other agencies for further support and advice.

An occupational therapist may be able to assist if you:-

  • are having difficulty coping with everyday tasks at home
  • at risk of being admitted to hospital or residential care due to loss of independence
  • terminally ill
  • suffering from a sudden traumatic illness such as a stroke or head injury
  • suffering from a long term condition which has deteriorated or flared up such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis
  • are a carer, or someone with a disability who needs advice and support

Referral process for an Occupational Therapy Assessment

  • A referral can be made by anyone via the OT Duty Team on 01506 284848, Option 2.
  • Confirmation of your request will be sent in writing and we aim to arrange an assessment visit to you within 6 weeks of your referral.

Eligibility and Contributions Policies

West Lothian Council introduced a new Eligibility and Contributions policies on 1 October 2018 (see policies in Related Documents).

These policies introduced eligibility thresholds and financial assessment for the provision of equipment & adaptations based on ability to pay. The cost of personal care is exempt from this process.

Performance Standards

The Occupational Therapy Service has a standard to allocate cases within 6 weeks of receipt of referral and to allocate high priority cases within 7 days.

Out of Hours Contacts

The Social Care Emergency Team (SCET) is a 24 hour service and can deal with urgent problems outwith normal office hours. Please telephone 01506 281028 or 281029.


Adult Social Care Enquiry Team (ASCET)

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