About the IJB

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 established the legal framework for integrating health and social care in Scotland. The Act requires each Health Board and Local Authority to delegate some of its functions to new Integration Authorities.

West Lothian Integration Joint Board

On 1st April 2016, an Integration Joint Board (IJB) was established in West Lothian. The IJB has responsibility for planning most of the integrated health and social care services for adults in the area.

The IJB is a separate legal entity from NHS Lothian and West Lothian Council and the arrangements for the IJB's operation, remit and governance are set out in the Integration Scheme which was approved by West Lothian Council, NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government.

The Integration Joint Board's role is to set the strategic direction for functions delegated to it and to deliver the priorities set out in its Strategic Plan. It receives payments from West Lothian Council and NHS Lothian to enable delivery of local priorities for health and social care for adults.

The IJB brings together the planning, resources and operational oversight for a substantial range of adult health and social care functions into a single system which will ensure services are built around the needs of patients and service users and supports service redesign with a focus on preventative and anticipatory care in communities.

The Board gives directions to the council and health board as to how they must carry out their business to secure delivery of the Strategic Plan. An overview of the functions delegated to the West Lothian IJB are detailed below:

• Primary Care
Adult Social Care
• Mental Health Services
Learning Disability Service
Physical Disability Service
Community Health Services
• Community Pharmacy Services
• Health Improvement
• Unscheduled Care for Adults
• Housing Support/Aids and Adaptations

Lothian-wide Services:
• Podiatry Services